Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Boys club

We dug for for worms on Monday on boys club he wiggled around 

Paper plane

Decriminalisin:we did paper planes my paper plane was perfect.✔️

My maths with Troy 2

This is my maths with Troy deciden: we sequence patterns on my name.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

My maths with Troy

Description we did maths with Troy we did sequel patiens in numbers here's my image we did patterns like 1'5'7'11=131719

Kapa haka

Description:we did kapa haka we did heps of fun practices we did kapa haka with Rosie after the practices we preform in front of your parents and we go to the regrnt.

Here are your evaluation questions:
What is the hardest part about Kapa Haka and why? To remember the actions.
What are you most looking forward to about Pae Tamariki next week and why?to have fun at kapa haka 
Why do you think others should join Kapa Haka?you should do kapa haka beacause it's super exciting and fun it really makes you learn a lot of Mōari 
Feedback/feedforward:  I think you did well at i don't know but it is awesome you are trying to get people to join I have joined myself because I do the guitar for it next time you could say some better reasons and some more Miko

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Monday, 20 June 2016

My maths

Decripon we did patining with Troy we did different couler patins 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Maths fractions sample.

Description:in Troy's maths group we have been learning about fractions. We looked at 1/2s and 1/4s 
Troy asked us to come up with as many other ways that we could write these fractions 1/4s because 2 is half of 4.

Here is my image 1/2 1/4

Feedback/ Feedforward  you have been listening very good today and doing your work good/ I think you need to listen a bit more. Rebekah

Evaluation: I think I did good on my fractions because I am learning fractions fast.