Monday, 30 May 2016

Knowledge maths

This is my maths test hope you enjoy 
Decripon: I did my maths I did my maths test with score was 20/50 my maths is stage 4

Evaluation:I think I need to try harder to make my score bigger.I need to work on doubles and halves and number bonds.
Feedback/feedforward:I think you should practice the maths that you think that you don't know

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Seed to table inquiry

Description: we did Seed to Table on Fridays. we did cooking and gardening.  My mom came to the cooking we made pasta and at the end we eat the food.The gardening part is finding out what other liquids help a plant to grow. We grew plants and watered them with lemonade, salt water, tap water.

Evaluation:me and Miko did amazing on the gardening with the liquids because the lemonade one grew really well.
Feedback: I like how you explained the post.
Feedforward:Next time you could fix up some grammar errors and spelling.

Monday, 23 May 2016

My Alian maths

1/2 of his eyes are green 1/4 of his ears are yellow 1/4 of his hair is blue1/8 of his teeth are orange in Troy maths 
Feedback/feedforward: I think you did good I like how you showed the question to the task but next time take the photo with a bit more focus. Jake 

Evaluation: I did good on my maths today 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Monday, 9 May 2016

My favourite place

My favourite place is flipcity because I love doing front and backflips.The tramps are so bouncy they are huge they are bigger then my bedroom there is a big mat.The basketball court is so amazing fun.
We did brain storming with Charlotte the teacher about our favourite place. I have written about my favourite place here.

Feedback/feedforward you could put some  writing in your story" I like how you explained flipcity now I know what it is about now but I have been there before but if someone was read your blog they would know what it is about Rebekaho
Feedback feedforward (after I wrote) Nice job Billy. Next time you could add some more detail in your writing but I like how you described why you like flip city. Tabitha C 
Evaluation:I love flip city because I learn how to do flips


We did seed to table  we got to make food and I was in group 3 and at the end we ate the food we ate puppikn soup feagoua muffens 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Spelling test

This is my spelling test 
Decriphon:i need to learn the words I don't now.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Buddy art

Description: ELLY cut up a big picture then gave most people had l pictures and they copy the little picture. then we Start drawing. my buddy was Ethan we yoused die and paint.

Evalnaution:we Lernt how to do neat art

This is the finished big art.