Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Family tree

 Description: on Monday afternoons we spilt into groups one group will do kapa Haka and the other half goes to et reo.

Feedback:you have done great on your family tree Rebekah
Feed forward :you could put the Maori version in too.Rebekah 
Evaluation:I learnt how to write my big brothers names.

Why you should wear a life jacket writing sample

Description: I want every one to wear life jackets for me because I don't like people drowning. I'm convincing you to wear a life jacket.

Published Story: 

I was in a kayak on Tuesday. I thought I was going to fall out of the kayak, but I did not. I had a life jacket on. I felt fantastic because I did not fall out.

I want everyone to wear life jackets because they will save you from drowning.  Life jackets make you float.  Life jackets have air in them because it can save your life.  I zipped my zip and clicked my life jacket tight.

By Billy

Feedback:I like the way you have some juicy words.
Feedforward:next time I think you can start with a middle and end.
Evaluation:I learnt to wear a life jacket in kayaks.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Camp dairy 2016

Description: We went to El rancho on a Tuesday in a bus.
We had to clean the  toilets. My cabin group is Jayden M and Billy, Patrick, Troy  P, Jack P, Nicola, Angus J
Or cabin teacher was Brendon  and Mike. I fought my fear of horses in activities. My favourite was horses and kayaking. 
Feed back: well done for fighting your fear of horses. I wonder how you felt when you were finished?          
 Feed forward: I wonder what else you enjoyed on camp? ELLY
Evaluation:I went on a horse at camp for my first time I did good at my camp dairy.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word goal

My one word is because I want focus on my learning because I do not focus that much. Feed back:your poss is cool😎 I'm troyprss troy I'm troy

Feedfowrd: you can do better with your focus
Evaluation: I did good on my one word because I need to focus my one word is hard in hui time.
Its easy to focus is at maths.

My camp goals

Description: My one word is focus. We are going to camp on the 8th of March. We are setting goals for camp.
Here are my camp goals.