Thursday, 22 October 2015


I'm getting ready for bed but I felt the ground moving i said 
To mum it's a erchquke I droet covered and holded the lights were moving 
Fast and slow again and again and it didn't stop. Is eney one all right. What 
Happened to me the ground was moving so fast and Long 

I was reading escape wen the earth quake happened I stopped reading ecape 
And I did go Andre the table añd I dropet covered and hold. My brother was in bed. 

I just got in bed and read escape and I soor the water in the sink 
In the bathroom the doors were moving I think that it is a flood 
Move the house  so fast that I can hear gales of wind.
I said to mum help help. 

It Feels like mear but it is real.we all went outside.

It was night it was moving stil I said to mum yes it was moving but stopped.