Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pranks with chopper

My writing goil is to use a variety of words.

One day a boy was walking down the street.  He was going home to have tea. The sun was low in the sky and he felt hungry. 
 “Mum I'm home!” said the boy. “I'm going outside  to play with my toys” 
“Ok” said mum.  Tea is ready in five minutes.” 
“Mmmm” said the boy.

He ran for excitement outside and sat down on the grass and started playing with his trucks.

Mum mum mum mum mum mum a dogs chasing me ahhhhhhhhhh help help help meeeee!!!!!!! 

Ahhhhhh it's still shasing me. Ok I'll help  you . Come out now plase come out come outside, now. Yay mum you safed me yay ha ha ha ha funny times. And my name is Ben and I'm not your mum my name is chopper and I was planking you and I'm a boy and I'm a kid sorry for lieing. Ok sorry for kolling you mum that's all right. Your mums here now? Wow you are a boy I didn't now that you are a boy so you are a actrer yes said chopper. So am I going to have tea now said Ben yes said copper. 

Chopper you youest to be a bully  at school to me. I said stop it stop it. I'm sorry said chopper!! Let's go shopping yes or  no said
Ben. yes said chopper. Hey my dogs coming chopper the dog. And its a foxe and I don,t go to school.  it's all 
Right  . Hay are we going or not said Ben. Yes said chopper. 
Let's go on to the city to adventure time lets go yes let's go. To the shops and go to sleep in a hotel for the night good night. 5 nights later . Let's go to your house now said Ben .what are we going to do at your house . Hey it's coco the dog. Let's go to the forest and 
Go for a walk now I asked to chopper . Yes said chopper. So what's up with the pranks I asked. Oh now you talk. Yeah.  Why do you 
Semi so kiett do you have a secret I ask.ok I do you now how I was a boly to you chopper asked  yeah I asked so I was so scared to ask you that I want to be your friend chopper asked you can be my friend why dident you tall me I asked because I 
I said I was so scared chopper asked so why I asked . Let's go to the city chopper asked lets go I asked . So what are we buying I asked  we are buying a slig shot chopper asked why I asked because chopper asked  why aren't 
You talling to me also I was going home our shod we go to the hotel.

Zero waste

We are leran about zero waste
WALT:there's a lady that comes and we learn how to be tidy.
We can reuse staff like old rapers and old paper.
I did the staff she said and I did it so good.
I need to work on nothing.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

maths sample term 3

In my maths I've done conting flowerpots and roses, making 52 and there's 16 pots
We put 3 roses in one pot.